Friday, October 1, 2010

The Not-So-Secret Path

I used to walk to school a lot more. It only takes about 20 minutes at a leisurely pace, and is even faster on a bike. Sometimes if I miss the bus or if the bus is too full in the mornings, I'll ride my bike and it takes less than 10 minutes from leaving to be sitting in class. I often walk back to my apartment with a few of the other students who also live in the area. Having observed many other students walking right into what looked like a stand of trees, we've discovered a shortcut that makes the walk only about 15 minutes at a quick pace. It's close enough that I usually have enough time to go back home for lunch or a quick nap between classes. Don't worry... I take the bus when it starts to get dark, which rarely happens because I like to study in the quiet at home rather than stay at school after classes.

The path takes you over a very small creek and some railroad tracks...

Then, voila, you're in civilization!

I'm still amazed at how lush and green everything here is.

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  1. Your 30 minutes of walking daily surpass what I probably walk 5 days at work.